Monday, 27 July 2015

Meet Me Halfway

Hello fashionistas around the world. How are you all doing? Hope everybody's having a good day. Sending you all hugs and positive vibes today and everyday. Today I show you the photos from Manchester.

Last weekend I met up with some old friends that I've not seen in a while. We live in different cities and we always meet up like 3-4 times a year to catch up and update each other about our lives.

Catching up with old friends about how life has been is always refreshing and honestly one of my favorite things.

We talked about stupid things in general and sometimes the educational ones, its really soothing and really made my day.

Feeling like a tourist in Manchester Exchange Square even though I've been here many times Haha!

How about a selfie?

Best time to take advantage of a selfie photo op is definitely while waiting to be seated at the restaurant.

Enjoying a bit of a banter with the girls.

Just fooling around.

A Tuk Tuk in Manchester?

Thai restaurant in Spinningfields Manchester.

Not quite The Beatles crossing Abbey Road, but similar.

Do you still keep in touch with old friends?

What I Wore:

1.) Denim jacket- Kickers
2.) Dress- Topshop
3.) Shoes- New Look

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Safari Express

Hello all super women of the world, hope you're all having a great day. Keep inspiring me and millions of people with your amazing talents, heartfelt stories and passion for fashion. We are each other's biggest fans so keep supporting and motivating one another highlighting and celebrating everyone's achievements.

I've been so incredibly busy attending festivals and weekend events in my city lately and I am so behind my Outfit of the Day post and seriously needs to catch up with everyone else Haha!

I love being tan/dark like it's so weird 'cause some people hate being dark and I'm over here trying to be best friends with the sun LOL! Be proud of your skin color guys, all colors are beautiful.

This is my favorite place for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual relaxation. This is also a great place for bird watching, walking and wildlife photography. What's your favorite place to go for relaxation?

The best part about being creative is finding inspiration in unexpected places, such a great feeling.

I look like I'm witnessing a divine intervention LOL! Don't mind me I often have crazy ideas.

I literally feel like I'm in a safari.

There is nothing better than getting lost in nature and enjoying the beautiful things around you.

What I Wore:

1.) Dress- New Look
2.) Shoes- TK Maxx

Friday, 17 July 2015

Africa Oye 2015 Festival Last Day

Hello friends, hello weekend! We made it through another awesome week. Enjoy a vino, catch up with friends, work out, laugh or all of the above. Here are few more photos from the last day of Africa Oye Festival.

I feel like vibes is the new swag.

Such a good feeling to be this happy.

Life is all about laughing and having fun.

Summer vibes, good music, good friends, happy people, freedom!!!!

The good memories are what I live for. I hate when people look for happiness in material things or temporary fixes. It never works and everyone can tell you're still not happy.

I love people who are confident in themselves and don't care what others think no matter what their sizes. That makes me happy.

Concerts, raves and music festivals are always worth the money spent. Vibing with friends and having a good time is always worth it.

Strike that model pose. Vogue!!!

Embrace messy hair.

God I love summer.  It's the most relaxed time of the  year for me.

Ah summer.. make the most of it by checking out some of the awesome events in your city.

Lindigo from Le Reunion.

Frankie Paul or better known as Jamaica's Stevie Wonder and his band.

This festival was just crazy, the crowd actually had energy.

Africa Oye was such a blast  this year, OMG can't wait for next year. :)

What I Wore:

1.) T- Shirt- Bob Marley
2.) Skirt- Jaeger
3.) Sneaker- Nike