Thursday, 30 October 2014

Scare You Later

Since I'm not going to any halloween parties this year I'm preparing to scare myself for a scary movie marathon this weekend and have a spooktacular time-- Amityville Horror, The Conjuring, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I Know What you Did Last Summer and Scream.. are on my list Ahaha what do you think? #WhyDoIDoThisToMyself LOL! I wish you all a super scary and hauntingly fun halloween weekend. Hope its full of treats and not tricks. Have a safe celebration for those who are celebrating and be awesome. I leave you with my final outfit from London Fashion Week SS15.

Which scary movie will you be watching this hallo- weekend?

What I Wore:

1.) Top- Monsoon
2.) Skirt- Coast
3.) Shoes- Hotter
4.) Bag- Estee Lauder
5.) Jacket- Teodem London

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Trick Or Treat?

Since halloween is coming up here's a little throwback of my sexy nurse halloween outfit that I wore to a halloween party two years ago. I wore a bright red PVC dress from Ann Summers, I paired it with ankle boots with fishnet stockings and knee high black socks for a fun and flirty look. I hope this outfit will get you in the mood for trick or treats. I witch you a Happy Halloween!!

What are your plans for halloween? What will you be dressing up as this year? xoxo

Monday, 20 October 2014

Half Crazy

There is no such thing as a bad weather with the right clothes and the right attitude of course. I'm still on a summer lovin' feeling and enjoying the mild October autumn weather.. even the wind feels nice. Not quite ready to wear my fall clothes yet so I'm wearing a very summery floral top with denim vest and denim skirt over a leggings. Its my "Summall" (summer/fall) half summer and half fall outfit. Anybody else dressed between seasons? Who else is dreaming of summertime?.. or is it just me? xoxo

What I Wore:

1.) Floral top- H&M
2.) Denim vest- Gas
3.) Denim Skirt- TK Maxx
4.) Leggings- River Island
5.) Necklace- Dorothy Perkins
6.) Sneakers- Skechers

Friday, 17 October 2014

September Outfit Recap

Habits Of Happy People

1.) They practice gratitude.
2.) They know the meaning of No.
3.) They exude optimism.
4.) They focus on the present.

Have a happy and relaxing weekend friends! xoxo

Monday, 13 October 2014

Welcome To My World

The weather has been amazing last weekend and that gave me an excuse not to wear a coat, wish there was a way to fast forward to summer so I can spend more time outdoors biking, hiking, walking, and just soaking up the sun with friends. As much as I love the outdoor activities during summer, I also love fall and winter fashion because it is much easier to pick an outfit, you can just wear sweatshirts all the time and it is more acceptable to wear dark colours which I absolutely love. Speaking of dark colours I remember while browsing a fashion magazine and saw a Dolce and Gabbana ads with the families wearing dark colours they are like "Yes we are Italian and Hotter than you" They are beautiful and they are italian so we basically are related LMAO!!! xoxo

Which ethnicity or nationality do you find most attractive? I believe I just answered this question! :)

What I Wore:

1.) Top- The Birthday Massacre
2.) Skirt- Primark
3.) Sunglasses- New Look
4.) Shoes- Clarks

Photos taken by me on a self timer. Got no one to take my photos so I took a lot of selfie's :) Hope you like it!! :)