Sunday, 19 April 2015

Would You Like You If You Met You?

Often the way we treat and judge others is a reflection about how we view ourselves. Be aware of how you come across to others. Would you wanted to be treated, spoken to or looked at like that? If no, then re- evaluate your view on yourself.. start loving yourself for everything that you are.

I honestly feel so bad for people who find fun in putting others down and being mean to others for attention. There's really no need to be rude and nasty towards people. Just be nice to people and let them be nice to you. It's not that hard. It's nice to be nice. :)

It's another cool and casual style for today's outfit of the day.. I call it The Beverley Hills look.. simple, cute, stylish with a Rock and Roll vibe. Have a nice day! :)

What I Wore:

1.) Merino Wool Maxi Cardigan- Mercer & Madison
2.) Top- Principles
3.) Cut Out Jeans- TK Maxx
4.) Boots- Deichmann
5.) Animal Print Sunglasses- Poundland
6.) Rock & Roll Bag- Freebie

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Best Sound In The World Is Your Laughter

Smiles are free, laughter is contagious, hugs are healing and good vibes create more good vibes. Go get them tigers! I leave you with a little throwback to an old outfit from last year. Have a positive day ahead positive minds! :)

What I Wore:

1.) Sweater- Guess
2.) Skirt- Primark
3.) Leggings- Next
4.) Boots- Clarks

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Nature's Retreat

Sunshine and fresh air change everything. There's spring in the air, spring in my footsteps.. I feel like I could write a cheesy musical Haha! Being outdoors inspires, relaxes and re-nourishes my soul and creativity. I'm a nature and outdoors kind of girl. I love being outside, exploring and creating awesome moments.. a life full of adventures is my idea of a happily ever after.

Today's look is very casual and comfy look for a cool spring day. Its spring so you gotta have all the colors you can. :)

For now.. this girl is done #Productive. Have a great start of the week friends!

What I Wore:

1.) Jumper- Lakeland
2.) Inner Fleece Jumper- Nike
3.) Pants- TK Maxx
4.) Boots- New Look

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Parental Advisory Explicit Content

Believe in your fucking self. Work outside your fucking habits. Know when to fucking speak up. Fucking collaborate. Don't fucking procrastinate. Get over your fucking self. Keep fucking learning. Find fucking inspiration everywhere. Fucking network. Educate your fucking client. Trust your fucking gut. Ask for fucking help. Question fucking everything. Have a fucking concept. Learn to take some fucking criticism. Make me fucking care. Use fucking spell check. Do your fucking research. Sketch more fucking ideas. The problem contains the fucking  solution. Life is short, think about all the fucking possibilities.

It's an all black outfit #TooBlackToCare kinda day.. wearing a black boots, black pants, black cap and a black Parental Advisory Explicit Content warning sweater so if I swear people won't be so fucking shocked HaHa! :) Enjoy the rest of your day!

What I Wore:

1.) Parental Advisory Explicit Content Sweater- Primark
2.) Pants- TK Maxx
3.) Cap- Juventus
4.) Boots- New Look

Sunday, 5 April 2015

March Outfit Recap

Fashion is an art, it's creative and innovative. The most amazing styles comes from taking risks. Get out of your comfort zone, be a risk taker and let your personal style shine. I wish you all a very Happy Easter. xoxo